Built Local. Denver Is Where We Call Home.

LifeHouse Construction was formed in 2002 and incorporated in 2008. Since 2002, we have offered carpentry, project management, financial management, and business management to one of Denver’s premier general contractors. In 2008, LifeHouse Construction obtained a general contractors license and is able to offer the highest level of customer service in residential contracting in the Denver area.

Marty Harrison, Owner

Born and raised in Denver, Marty has been around design and architecture his entire life. His father, Syd Harrison, was one of Denver’s most creative and innovative architects. Specializing in residential remodel, Syd taught and inspired Marty to continue his passion for creating opportunities out of older homes. Marty’s varied past brings a unique perspective to building in Denver. Marty’s building experience started in High School, when he helped build a house in the Denver Country Club neighborhood during a summer break. Then with graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Environmental Sciences, Marty cares deeply about our valuable natural resources and our impact on everything around us. Before arriving in construction full time, Marty worked for a “Big Five” accounting firm as a tax accountant. This collection of personal experiences, education and professional work, will provide you with a project that is creative and inspired while maintaining a time and financial budget.

Charitable Work

2009: Ironman for Life

2010: LifeHouse created a subsidiary “In Vino Lux” (in wine there is light). We donated several sets of wine bottle lamps to several local charity auctions. These lamps are handcrafted from the finest materials available. We offered either the lamps that were presented or if the buyer had a special bottle from a sentimental occasion we would make that bottle into a lamp.

2011: In Vino Lux- Same donations

2012: Denver’s Children’s Museum- we donated the installation of a children’s play house. The package came with a children’s upholstered chair that was designed by one of Denver’s most talented designers, a Cedarworks playhouse installed by our lead carpenters. The auction benefits the Denver Children’s Museum and the scholarship that allows under privileged children to attend the museum free of charge.