Timely Care To Protect Your Investment

Home management is a very important part of home ownership. It is directly tied to the health of our families, the value of our homes, and our sanity.  Home management is always crucial to keep expenditures predictable and to a minimum. Of course, problems will always arise at the most inopportune times, but we can eliminate some problems and minimize others.

  • Hourly or Contract – LifeHouse provides home management on a variety of levels. We can simply be contracted to provide you with reminders and contacts to get all of your maintenance needs fulfilled. Or we can provide a comprehensive home management package where we take care of everything.
  • Monthly, Seasonal, Annual – LifeHouse will provide you with a complete analysis of your home’s moving and non-moving parts. Then from this analysis we work with you to ensure that your home is functioning properly and well maintained. We can do all of the work so that you are able to devote all of your time to family, friends and work. Or we can provide a reminder system for items you can take care of and we will do just the “expert only” work.